यो माया भन्ने चीज कस्तो कस्तो! चैत्र ३१ , २०७३

यस्ता ३ नियम जुन जानियो भने सम्बन्धमा जादू छाउँछ लगायत मायाका धेरै कुरा!!


यसलाई तलका अन्य माध्यमहरुमा पनि सुन्न सकिन्छ:

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7 thoughts on “यो माया भन्ने चीज कस्तो कस्तो! चैत्र ३१ , २०७३

  1. Love has been a common theme in books and poetry, as it knows no bounds; love affects us all, young and old, rich or poor.

  2. Namste di ani
    Sanchai hajur lai.Hajur ko program sunda ananda feel hunxa the sayings you post
    Tesko ta kurai nagrnu di it touches the heart. The voice you have got its amazing and the way you present its awesome and thumps up.

  3. loved the song “kina garthe marihatte aas vayera po, aru jasti xainau timi khaas vayera po”
    Thank you Sabeena di for such beautiful love quotes and tips to make successful relationship.
    love you di ??

  4. राम्रो लाग्छ दिदी यो कार्यक्रम म सधै सुन्न त भ्याउदिन तर time मिल्दा सधै सुन्छु

  5. I am the dieheart fan of ur alluring voice dijju… the fantastic program…… I am listening by downloading this

  6. Hello dd im from japan I love this program
    Mata kam ma pani luki luki kam ma earphone lagaera sunxu thanks for the sabscast

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